May 10, 2023

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Novo Hackathon 2023 - Prizes and Dates Announced


The kickoff is next Friday! 🚀

As the excitement continues to build towards this year's Hackathon, it's time to unveil the details of the prize pool and explain how you can get involved. As mentioned previously, the primary objective of this Hackathon is to develop open-source solutions that enable users to better utilize the chain. Please consider taking part in this event!

This year there's another massive 2 billion NOVO for participants, divided among four major categories: Wallets, Development Libraries, Token & NFT Solutions, and Smart Contracts.

Let's delve a bit deeper into what we're seeking in each category, and how much NOVO is up for grabs for each developer.


With Novo offering both fungible and non-fungible token abilities, we're on the lookout for wallet solutions that fully leverage these capabilities. The ideal wallet solution should provide an intuitive user experience, robust security features, and make managing tokens a breeze.

Development Libraries

We're all about making things easier for developers. This is why we're seeking development libraries that streamline the development process, helping developers create high-quality Novo applications. Think novo.js. A comprehensive documentation and strong security features should accompany the ease of use. Last year's Hackathon didn't produce any development tooling, so this is something we'd all really like to see.

Token & NFT Solutions

Novo's FT/NFT abilities make it a great platform for creating and trading tokens and NFTs. We're seeking projects that can tap into Novo's native token and NFT protocols, enabling users to create and trade tokens and NFTs securely and efficiently. This could be a token marketplace, a turbocharged token block explorer, or something completely novel.

Smart Contracts

Novo offers Layer-1 programmability with FT/NFT. We're on the hunt for projects that can help introduce smart contracting functionality to Novo, enabling developers to easily write and deploy smart contracts that execute automatically and securely. It's important that your solutions don't require a hard-fork; lets first fully explore what we can achieve with the current transaction model.

Event Timeline

Mark your calendars! The Hackathon kicks off on Friday, May 19th, 2023, at 12:01 AM EST and runs until July 19th, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST.

Prizes 🏆

The total prize amount is as follows:

2,000,000,000 NOVO

Ten projects across four categories will receive awards from the Hackathon judges. There will be 5 Gold Awards (250,000,000 NOVO), and 5 Silver Awards (150,000,000 NOVO).

Get Involved

  • To submit your project, simply add a new Pull Request in the Novo Hackathon 2023 repository on Github, and leave it open.

  • Please make sure to fill in all the required information as per the Template provided on the Github page.

  • Submissions can be edited anytime before the deadline, and teams can submit at any point during the Hackathon period.

  • Please remember that all materials and information submitted must be in English.

  • If you have any questions, join our Telegram or Discord.

Let The Fun Begin

Here's to two months of innovation and creativity on Novo. Best of luck to all our participants - we all can't wait to see what you come up with!

Stay tuned for more progress updates on our social media channels and website. Let's continue building out the Novo ecosystem together.

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