May 14, 2023

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How To Mine Novo Banner

How to mine Novo on Windows with PMPMining


Use the power of your computer’s hardware to participate in decentralization!


This guide will be a simple and basic walk-through for new or inexperienced window users to begin mining for the first time with their graphics cards, using the crypto mining pool PMPmining.

Mining is a fun and important way to participate in decentralized cryptocurrencies. Miners, node owners, holders, traders and users together contribute to the network without the need for a central authority. The blockchain can be trusted by its combined users without fear of coins being double spent, or anyone cheated.

Novo is a Layer-1 blockchain with no developer pre-mine and no investment or venture capital dictating the direction of the network. This creates a fair and equitable opportunity for new participants like you to enter and become an important part of the network!


To store your Novo you will need to create a crypto wallet. Your Novo is not actually stored on your computer, it is written in the blockchain’s ledger. To gain access to your coins you are given a series of words known as a “seed phrase.” This seed phrase combination can be used by your choice of many different wallet softwares.

Since there is no central authority, if you make a mistake and forget to record your seed phrase correct (or give it away to scammers) your coins may be lost forever, so it is important to take the seed words seriously.

Windows Electron Wallet:


Crypto currencies like Novo can be a great tool for individuals to participate in decentralized exchange — but as you might imagine not everyone is a fan. This includes Microsoft — and specifically windows. From the perspective of Microsoft, they prefer to block crypto miners and some crypto wallets because they have been used by bad actors in the past. Attempting to run most crypto mining software on windows will result in them being blocked by the automatic windows 10 antivirus features.

To prevent this, you will need to prepare a special folder with an “exception” where you will install the mining software.

Press the “windows” key on the taskbar or on your keyboard. Once the menu pulls up, start typing in “exclusions” on your keyboard. The tab will automatically recognize your typing and a page to the windows settings for anti-virus exclusions will appear. Click on this option.

This will take you to the “virus and threat protection” options menu. Under “Virus and threat protection settings” there is a blue link which says “manage settings.” Click this and then scroll down until you find “Exclusions.” Click on the blue link which says “add or remove exclusions”

This will bring up another tab, which has a box with a plus arrow stating “+ add an exclusion” Clicking this gives a drop down selection. Please select the option “Folder.” Now a pop up appears which shows you the entire computer directory. Navigate to the “documents” director and create a new folder by right clicking in the inside area and choosing “new folder.” Name this new folder anything like “mining” and then choose “Select folder” with the option on the bottom right until you have chosen this new folder.

Once you are done you will return to the windows security tab which we were in before and you should now see the new exclusion folder directory path appear. This will allow any program running from this folder to avoid antivirus scans which may affect mining, but not affect the security of the rest of your system.

Another thing to consider doing at this point is taking advantage of a tool known as “O+O Windows Shutup.” This removes certain tasks which windows uses to track you. This adds security to your computer, as well as freeing up a bit of your processor to mine more efficiently that would otherwise be running these tasks.

O+O Windows Shutup for removing windows bloatware:

Now that you have created an area within your files to safely store and run mining software, we can download and prepare the mining software.

Setting up BZMiner


Visit the releases of BZMiner on github and download the latest version of BZMiner for windows. Make sure to download the ZIP and extract it inside of the exclusion folder you created earlier. Once you have extracted the miner, navigate inside of the new folder. There will be a list of files, including many example batch files.

First makes sure to right click the bzminer.EXE file and hit the properties button at the bottom. Within the properties menu, go to the security tab and make sure to unblock (if it shows the option) and enable run as administrator. Hit “ok when finished.

Then go back to the folder and find the list of batch files. Find the Novo batch file and right click and select “edit.” This will open something in notepad with a prewritten configuration.

Erase the example text which is already there and Copy and Paste from the below code instead. Remember to change the YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS value to your wallet address. This is how the pool knows where to send your rewards for mining. RIG_NAME will be the name of your computer, if you have multiple that need to connect and need to distinguish them.

(Note: Do not mine directly to an exchange! It is against their user agreement policy, which can result in errors or lost funds. ALWAYS secure custody of your own wallet and share your seed phrase with no one.)

@echo off

cd /d %~dp0

bzminer -a novo -w YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.RIG_NAME -p stratum+tcp://


Once this is complete, hit “File” and “Save As.” Notepad will default the batchfile as a text file, which will not run and istead will just open as a text file. To correct this you must change the “save as type” from .txt to “All files” or the batch file will not work. (See the example image below).

Remember to “Save As” the batch file as “all files”.

Once the file is save you can also create a desktop shortcut to make right click on the batch file, send to desktop (shortcut) to create a shortcut link on your desktop to your GPU mining software.

Close out of everything and attempt to start the shortcut batch file on your desktop. It should start the BZMiner in a command line box. It may ask you to accept some internet connection settings.

The software will spit out a lot of information, so take a few minutes to observe. If everything was configured correctly you should see that your miner has connected to the pool, is hashing and is also sometimes finding shares.

Now that you know the connection and software works, you may want to spend some more time to finely tune your GPU devices.

The best tool to tune your graphics card’s clockrate on windows would be MSI afterburner:

For detailed information on which clock rates to use on your individual graphics card hardware, please visit and find your specific rig. You can also join the discord to ask for help as well!

PMPMining Discord:

Novo Discord:


After you are satisfied with your clocking and are hashing, head over to and type in your wallet address under the “wallet” tab. You will see a verity of detailed information, primarily your workers and your percentage of shares submitted. Once the pool has found a block, you will earn a share of the rewards!

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